I had been importing files from Figma into my Framer prototype without any issues. Then I was asked to reconnect to Figma and gave access to a different Figma account by mistake. Having revoked that access and reconnected to the Figma account that I was previously using, I get a generic error "something went wrong while importing" whenever I try to import something from Figma. Even if I try to import a page from Figma that contains a single text element.
I've trigged revoking access and reconnecting my Figma account again and logging in and out of my Framer account but it's made no difference.
How can I rely on Framer for my prototypes if the connection to Figma - where I do all of my design work - breaks fatally, with a generic error message and seemingly no way to resolve the issue? Framer's editor doesn't have all of the functionality that I need in order to create my work there, not to mention the duplicated effort.